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2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle


Mastering Options Trading 101 - $197 Value

Hey – you gotta start somewhere, right?

In fact, even if you think you “know all the basics” – if watching old kung fu movies has taught me anything – it’s that you should always return back to the fundamentals and “work on your stance.”

In this two-part series, you’re going to start your options journey the RIGHT way by learning options trees, pricing, order execution, scanning, screening, and more!

Swinging For the Fences - $197 Value

You know what I don’t like? Taking EXPENSIVE risks.

You see, I don’t want to pay $500 to potentially make $50. No, no my friend. I want to pay $50 to potentially make $500. I like CHEAP risks and BIG rewards.

And that’s what this course is all about.

You’ll learn how to find cheap, underpriced options using a simple mathematical technique. This is how you take a tiny, itty-bitty account and grow it BIG and FAST.

Options For Income - $147 Value

Hey – are you using a computer right now?

Maybe you’re on your phone…

I bet you think the device you’re using is just some boring ol’ thing that let’s you browse the Internet and text dank memes to your friends.

But did you know your boring, dumb Internet meme engine can ALSO be an ATM that spits wads of cash out at you whenever you push a certain button?

No I’m serious – that’s what is possible when you understand how to use options as income.

It’s like your own personal ATM that just hands you money without you having to do any work. 

In this course, I’m going to show you my NUMBER ONE strategy for using options to create a consistent, passive stream of income in a safe and reliable way.

I’m also going to show you my favorite method for screening and scanning for these income-producing opportunities and the special little institutional-grade tricks I use to maximize profit.

IPO Lock-ups - $247 Value

Every year hundreds upon hundreds of companies IPO (Initial Public Offering) letting regular folks like you and me snatch up shares and get in on the “next big thing.”

Often, these exciting IPOs are pumped up BIG in the days, weeks, and months after they go on the market.

Yet the insiders and early investors who were able to buy shares BEFORE the company went public, getting in at the absolute cheapest prices, are “locked out” of selling their shares until several months after the company goes public. 

And once that lock-up period ends…what do you think usually happens?

They want to take a BIG profit!

After all – they staked their money early, they were patient, and they waited perhaps for years to get a big payoff. 

And when the share price pumps up big after that IPO – they want to sell their shares for a profit on the open market. 

This provides an amazing opportunity for options traders…

And in this course I show you exactly how we identify and trade these BIG moves that happen after IPO lockup periods end.

Grand Slam Options - $297 Value

Oh yeah boys and girls – this is where we get into the nitty-gritty of it all!

In this incredibly comprehensive 3-hour course, we delve into the most advanced concepts of options trading.

This is the real high-level, big-brain stuff.

After you get finished with this you’ll have the SAME level of insight that folks like me used as a CBOE options market maker. 

So buckle up and hold onto your butts – this is the big league. 

Practical Money Management - $197 Value

You want to know one of the BIGGEST reasons folks have such a hard time learning this whole trading thing?

It’s not that they don’t know how to look at a chart…or find a decent trade…or hit that “buy” or “sell” button…or even get in at good prices.

The BIGGEST issue is that once they’re in a trade – they turn into nervous wrecks!

Every little twitch in the price either feels like you’re getting a knife twisted into your gut, or you’re day-dreaming about what color Lambo you’re going to buy and how much champagne you’ll need to order for your big, sexy party.

All these twisty-turny roller-coaster emotions cause people to make dumb, silly, stupid mistakes.

Well, how ‘bout we stop doing that?

In this course, I show you the BIG difference between pros and retail traders by going through exactly how we manage positions, how we stop ourselves from getting frightened out of our positions like scaredy-cat, and how to develop defensive mindsets.

Ultimate Trade Mastery - $450 Value

Hey – remember that whole spiel about position management I gave you earlier? (Yeah – the one right above this).

Well – that ain’t NUFFIN’ compared to this bad-boy of a course.

We’re going to take that fundamental position management training you learned and we’re going to turn you into lean, mean, money-making trading machine.

You’ll be the ultimate market warrior with a mindset carved out of iron (and maybe a heart made of gold?)

This is one of the most comprehensive courses I’ve ever built and it really is essential for rounding out your skill set. 

Option Management Strategies - $197 Value

After a lot of poking and prodding by my students, I finally broke down and spilled three little-known industry secrets in this eye-opening 1-hour class.

These are secrets so coveted that many professional traders would consider it heresy to divulge these classified tradecraft skills to the general public. 

But alas – I had to remind myself that I was no longer on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange, or on the floor of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, or overseeing 200+ traders at a prop firm. 

I was no longer sworn to secrecy and operating behind a thick curtain of industry NDAs.

So I decided – it was finally time to release these high-level concepts.

Expert Secrets with Donny - $997 Value

Donny was out of his element! (Big Lebowski fans will get it…).

When he first joined my Masters in Trading program Donny was struggling (just like you might be).

But after a lot of training and coaching – Donny transformed himself into one of my TOP students. 

In fact, he made $1 MILLION in just ONE month!

He learned a lot – he went through the fire, the struggle, the pain, and he came out on the other side a million-dollar expert. 

That’s why I flew Donny down to my part of town, gathered up my coaching students, and put on a THREE DAY lecture where Donny spilled the beans on everything he learned and exactly how he does what he does. 

Now – you get access to all three of these classes so you too can reach the same level (hopefully one day soon).

My 4 Gap n' Grab Techniques - $147 Value

Gap-ups and Gap-downs – if you’ve spent any amount of time Googling, “How do I trade the STONKS market?” this is one of the most common “technical patterns” everybody and their uncle will be talking about. 

…but barely any of them are doing it the right way. 

In this video I show you my FAVORITE technique for gaps, which I call the “Gap n’ Grab” because you’ll be “grabbing” profits left and right. 

Many people think there are only 2 primary types of gaps (gap up, gap down) but there are actually four primary types.

Let me show you which gap patterns are dripping with opportunity and which ones you should stay far, far away from.

Masters in Technical Analysis - $225 Value

After this short, but enlightening course you’ll have received your “Masters In Technical Analysis.”

Now, you may not be able to use this particular Master’s degree in a job interview (it is…after all…completely made up), but after going through this 9-part training video you may not even need a pesky job! 

(Just kidding – don’t quit your day job….YET).

You’re going to learn Dow Theory, the “12 Tenants”, double-tops, triangles, and much MUCH more.

Finally – you’ll discover how to put it all together. 

Elite Earnings Academy - $397 Value

Boys and girls, ladies and gents, dudes and dudettes – here it is. THE Big Kahuna course on everything Earnings Season. 

Folks flood into the market trying to make a fortune each time earnings season rolls around (4x a year to be exact). 

All the trading forums, chat channels, and subreddits light up, “Netflix is expected to beat earnings! Buy calls!” or “AMD is going to disappoint, I’m gonna bet my ENTIRE paycheck on puts!” 

Or… “The CEO said the word ‘but’ instead of ‘and’ on the conference call and according to my psychology 101 textbook, that means the company is going to go bankrupt!”

It’s a cesspool of degenerate gambling and everybody wants a lottery ticket. 

Is there any way to ACTUALLY make money betting on certain stocks during earnings season?

Is there any way to do it responsibly without just hoping you “strike a winner”?

The answer is “yes” – and I’d like to show you how the pros do it. 

In this comprehensive course, I’m going to show you tools you’ve never heard of, tricks you’ve never imagined, and analysis you never knew you could perform.

All of it geared toward turning you into an intelligent, profitable earnings season trader.

Unusual Options Trading Activity - $297 Value

When I first started out on the floor of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange as a Market Maker one of the veterans there said, “One day, you’ll see something so unusual, you’ll think somebody should go to jail for cheating.”

He wasn’t lying – I saw unusual options trades nearly EVERY day and most of them signaled some big insider on Wall Street taking a trade because he knew something.

Now, if you didn’t know – that’s called “Insider Trading” and it’s quite illegal. 

But it goes on every day (in fact about 25% of ALL trades are insider trades). 

And here’s what is NOT illegal – if you know how to spot what these insiders are doing, you can piggy-back off their trades 100% legally and make A LOT of money in the process. 

In fact, using this slick technique we are often in trades DAYS and even WEEKS before big news on a stock comes out – all because we know how to recognize “unusual options activity.”

This is one of the best skills a trader can have and in this course, I’m going to show you everything I know. 

Futures Academy - $297 Value

Over the course of four videos, I’m going to teach you to be a profitable futures trader who is able to pull money out of the market like clockwork. 

Remember – I was responsible for hiring, training, and overseeing up to 200 traders at the Futures prop firm I worked at for over 7 years. 

Everything that I taught them is exactly what I’m going to teach you.

Including my Relative Value approach, position management, what indicators to use, and how to use Z-Score to make decisions. 

These are the same tactics I used to make over $1 million right out of college before the age of 22. 

This is your key to big money in the Futures market. 

Metals Mastery - $197 Value

“There’s GOLD in them ther’ hills!” – Some guy in 1849 probably

Gold, silver, platinum – oh my! 

Precious metals and other commodities exhibit a beautiful correlative dance with each other every day – and if you know how to exploit the relationship between these trading vehicles you can become INCREDIBLY wealthy. 

Almost every day, there are amazing trading opportunities, and this course will show you exactly how to spot those opportunities and bank big on each one.

You’ll learn ratios, get in on my personal “metals checklist”, get your hands on my metal specs worksheet, and see how to trade both the Gold/Oil Ratio and the Gold/Silver ratio. 

Oil Money - $197 Value

Black gold, dinosaur blood, Texas Tea…ooey gooey money sauce. 

It’s been the most important commodity of the last 100 years. 

And it’s not just what powers MOST cars, boats, planes, big earth moving equipment, and other heavy machinery…

…it’s also in every tire, on every road, in every plastic, in many fabrics, and much, much more. 

And for every PENNY this commodity shifts in price – you can make a lot of money.

Let me show you the right way to trade oil futures. 

Fed Dominator - $197 Value

You know what they say, “Don’t fight the Fed.”

So I say – if you can’t fight ‘em DOMINATE ‘em!

Understand how to read the secret, cryptic messaging of the Fed and ride the waves they create in the market to giant windfalls and hugely profitable paydays.

Once you can learn how to “trade the fed” you can essentially just let them make money FOR you. 

Every time THEY move – you can move right along with them. 

Advanced Bond Bootcamp - $997 Value

Did you know the richest guys I ever met were the “old school” Bond traders?

I’m talking about guys who had private planes and mansions.

These guys learned ONE kind of Bond futures trade and they took this trade over and over again for decades – it made them wealthy beyond belief. 

When I was head-hunted into joining a bond futures firm back in 2002, I learned from those guys.

Then I used technology to perfect the trade – and I taught it to 200 other people at that firm. 

Now I want to show you how to take the bond trade. It is perhaps one of THE most powerful, profitable trades you could ever take.

And I’m not exaggerating in the least when I say this SINGLE trade could make you rich. 

I know for a fact it can. 

Hedge Fund Secrets Trading System - $1,497 Value

If you haven’t been able to tell so far – I’ve been around the block a bit.

CME floor trader, CBOE options market maker, Bond futures trading firm, and eventually a boutique hedge fund manager. 

And I got a little secret for you… a hedge fund secret. 

You see, I helped build a highly successful boutique hedge fund using one simple technique – it’s called “Closed-End Fund Arbitrage.”

And according to Forbes two-thirds of investors have no idea what a CEF (Closed-End Fund) even is, nonetheless how to use the arbitrage trade I teach in this course. 

That means – if you know about it you have a giant edge.

If you’ve ever wanted to invest like a huge hedge fund (and outperform the market in the process) you’re going to LOVE this system. 

Full EDGE Series Trading Suite - $4,488 Value

Meticulously designed and programmed for Think Or Swim by one of my top students (and former Facebook Datacenter Network Engineer) Pablo Lucena – the Edge Series is a serious tool for serious traders. 

In the past, it was a very difficult and time-consuming process to set-up and program charts for trading various futures spreads, especially when it comes to setting up the correct ratio. 

But Pablo has not only created a tool that has every possible spread pre-programmed and set up out of the box, he has absolutely (and singlehandedly) revolutionized the way we read the information. 

In the past, traders would look at the percentage that one correlating asset was up or down in relation to the other. 

But, the way Pablo programmed this tool – it actually lets you see the PRICE two correlating assets are in relation to each other (as well as the price each spread has moved). 

Since, as Pablo states, “The price is the only thing that matters.”

So for example – in Metals Edge instead of seeing that 1 Gold Futures Contract is up 20% since January relative to 1 Silver Futures Contract (which let’s say – is down 9% since January).

Instead, you could see that 1 Gold Futures Contract is up $2,399 since January and 1 Silver Futures Contract is down (-$877) since January. 

This makes it INCREDIBLY easy to compare the pricing between assets, but also see how much you stand to make on the trade. 

For example, if you expect Silver to catch up with Gold – you can calculate that your upside could easily be $877!

Pablo has also included a variety of other never-before-seen tools and indicators into these that make your job as a trader 10x easier than it has ever been before. 

And along with access to each tool, you also receive…

  • Step-by-Step easy-to-understand installation instructions
  • Set-up walk-through
  • Over-the-shoulder training on how to use each tool to qualify trades

No other tool does what this does. It’s that simple. 

Typically, each one of these individual Edge Series tools costs about $997 EACH – all together they’d cost $4,488…

But today, you’re not going to be paying anywhere near that.

The Complete Vix Trading System - $1,497 Value

 Imagine a tool that predicts market moves with an almost 100% rate of accuracy.

Sound too good to be true?

Well, we did the tests, my friend. We ran the math. We checked, re-checked, and checked again.

And this puppy – developed by the one and only Pablo Lucena – is just about as close to a “sure thing” in the trading world as you can get. 

And this tool – along with the total VIX trading system, which includes 5 hours of training content…

Ensures you become an UNSTOPPABLE force.

Just like my buddy Chris here who saved his ENTIRE 401k and IRA from a huge downward spiral and got back in – completely avoiding large losses.  

High Value Target - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $278 Value

If you noticed yet, much of what I teach here at Masters in Trading is about finding situations that are HIGHLY unusual and extremely weird. 

But the only way to know if something is “unusual” is to know what is actually normal. 

For example – the sky is usually blue. If it turned blood red tomorrow…that’d be unusual compared to normal. 

Or – when it rains it usually causes water to come out of the sky. But if it started raining frogs tomorrow….that’d be weird.

The same goes for the stock market itself. 

You see, the High Value Target indicator uses an air-tight mathematical formula to decide what is “normal” for an individual stock’s behavior to be. 

When the stock price deviates from what is “normal” – that’s when it’s worth paying attention to. 

Because these strange abnormalities often don’t last long and usually offer the BIGGEST  returns. 

This is a great tool to use in conjunction with the Wall Street Wiretapper. 

Profit on Perimeter - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $197 Value

Any of my students can tell you I’m also urging folks to “trade on the edges.”

You NEVER want to be caught in the middle of a move – that’s not where the money is. 

This indicator helps you identify where the edges are – where those “extreme perimeters” exist for any given stock. 

This helps you easily and quickly identify when a stock’s price is reaching an “edge” zone and is poised to snap back to it’s normal state.

In Case You Were Wondering – That’s Nearly 100 Hours of Training, 5 Cutting-Edge Trading Tools, and $12,534 of Value


With the 2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle you’re going to get all the training and tools listed above. 

But wait! There’s more… (how’d you like my infomercial impression?)

I also want to give you the opportunity to try out my top-tier membership programs for FREE as a special bonus for you.

Here’s what it’s all about…

One FREE Month Of Options Portfolio Master’s Club + Access To Wall Street Wiretapper

$294 Value

My Portfolio Masters Club for Options is an amazing monthly subscription.

Every Sunday, you will receive my “Options Week Ahead” email, which will provide you with brand new trade ideas plus update you on all current positions.

Here’s what it looks like….

You can follow along with my trades and gain an over-the-shoulder understanding of what gets me in and out of certain trades.

This also ensures you’ll never be at a lack of new trade ideas – there’s always something going on with our Options Week Ahead outlook!

You will also be able to access Live Classes Every Monday.

In these live classes, we’re going to discuss new trade ideas, talk about the state of the markets, and I’ll be there to personally answer your questions.

And if you’re unable to make the live class? No worries!

With your Portfolio Master’s Club membership you’ll be able to access ALL past Live class recordings right from your member’s area on my website!

And with this membership, you’ll also have access to The Wall Street Wiretapper.

What’s that you may ask?

It is the world’s FIRST AI-powered unusual options scanner.

It was built by Pablo Lucena and it has one job and one job only – to spend all its time crawling and scanning the markets for unusual options activity and then curating only the highest quality trade activity into its database. 

In fact, here’s how Pablo describes it…

The Wall Street Wiretapper allows you to “spy” on the world’s richest elites and insiders and “piggyback” off their trades.

This allows you to easily spot the BEST unusual options activity to find the most explosive trades in the market. 

We rely heavily on this tool for many of our Options Week Ahead trades, we discuss it regularly on the Monday Live Calls and now you will be able to access this powerful tool yourself 30 days FREE.

And if you decide to stay on board after that – you’ll be locked in for life at the special Black Friday discounted rate of $147 a month.

That means, as long as you continue your membership you will be grandfathered in at a $147 REDUCED rate – a total of 50% off your membership.

However, you won’t be under any obligation to continue – if you think this membership plan isn’t for you, you can simply cancel any time before your 30 day trial ends.

(And don’t worry – I will send you plenty of emails reminding you that your trial is coming to an end, so you don’t get caught off-guard). 

Next, I want to offer you another membership trial 100% FREE…

One FREE Month Of Futures Portfolio Master’s Club

$147 Value

Similar to the Options membership detailed above, you will receive a “Futures Week Ahead” email every Sunday with my best Futures trade ideas. 

You’ll also be updated on all current trades. 

Here’s what that looks like…

You will also be able to join live classes every Monday where we will go over trades and answer questions. 

Plus, you’ll have access to previous live class recordings in your special members area. 

I Want To Give You EVERYTHING Listed Above – a total $12,975 value – for 80.7% OFF.

That means, when you take advantage of this limited-time Black Friday offer BEFORE the clock below counts down to zero…


You will receive everything listed above – literally ALL the top-level training I’ve ever provided, PLUS all the Edge Series tools we created, PLUS one full FREE month of both Portfolio Masters Club Futures and Options, PLUS 1 full free month of our brand-new Wall Street Wiretapper tool….

…all for just a single payment today of $2,500.

That’s 80.7% OFF everything I listed today.

This is absolutely, positively the BEST deal I’ve ever offered and you will probably not see anything like this again for AT LEAST another year (and even then, I can’t guarantee the deal will be this generous, honestly). 

That’s why it’s incredibly important that you complete your order below before time runs out.

All you need to do is select the 2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle below – which is the best possible offer available – fill in your name, email, and payment details (don’t worry this page is secure)…

…and that’s it!

I will immediately get to work on sending you access to ALL of your training and tools and get you started on your 30-day free trial memberships.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

Don’t cheat yourself this year!

This is an investment into your future. 

With all the training and tools and support you will be receiving, you will gain the experience, knowledge, and skills necessary to pay yourself USING the market.

I’m confident that, once you begin utilizing the strategies you learn, the tools you’re provided, and the trade alerts you receive…

… that the cost of this membership will EASILY pay for itself. 

Just like Dave here!

He paid $297 for just ONE of my training packages….and booked $9,600 profits!

A profit like that would pay for today’s 2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle nearly 4x over!

There’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t pay for today’s bundle with just ONE trade over the next few weeks!

So, how about we get started?

Invest yourself today – take advantage of this FAT 80% discount – and get locked in for just a single payment of $2,500 today.

Select Your Black Friday Bundle Below

IMPORTANT NOTE: The “2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle” is the best value. However, if you think this Best Deal bundle isn’t for you, feel free to select an any alternative bundle options below. The “2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle” includes everything. So if you select it, please don’t select any others.

If you have any questions please email

2021 Invest In Yourself Bundle – BEST DEAL

  • Mastering Options Trading 101 -- $197 Value
  • Swinging For The Fences -- $197 Value
  • Options For Income -- $147 Value
  • IPO Lock-Ups -- $1247 Value
  • Grand Slam Options -- $297 Value
  • Practical Money Management -- $197 Value
  • Ultimate Trade Mastery -- $450 Value
  • 3 Little-Known Options Management Strategies To Give You An Edge -- $197 Value
  • Expert Secrets With Million-Dollar Donny -- $997 Value
  • My 4 Gap n’ Grab Techniques -- $147 Value
  • Masters In Technical Analysis -- $225 Value
  • Elite Earnings Academy -- $397 Value
  • Unusual Options Trading Academy -- $297 Value
  • Futures Academy -- $297 Value
  • Metals Mastery -- $197 Value
  • Oil Money -- $197 Value
  • Fed Dominator -- $197 Value
  • Bond Bootcamp -- $997 Value
  • Full Edge Series Trading Suite for ToS (Bond Edge, Energy Edge, Equity Edge, Metals Edge) -- $4,488 Value
  • Complete VIX Trading System (includes VIX tool) -- $1,497 Value
  • High Value Target - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $278 Value
  • Profit on Perimeter - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $197 Value
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Month Of Options Portfolio Master’s Club: $147 Value
  • BONUS #2: 1 FREE Month Of Wall Street Wiretapper (then $147 for as long as you continue your membership – cancel any time): $147 Value
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  • BONUS #4: Hedge Fund Secrets Trading System -- $1,497 Value

TOTAL VALUE: $12,975

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Options Bundle

  • Mastering Options Trading 101 -- $197 Value
  • Swinging For The Fences -- $197 Value
  • Options For Income -- $147 Value
  • IPO Lock-Ups -- $1247 Value
  • Grand Slam Options -- $297 Value
  • Practical Money Management -- $197 Value
  • Ultimate Trade Mastery -- $450 Value
  • 3 Little-Known Options Management Strategies To Give You An Edge -- $197 Value
  • Expert Secrets With Million-Dollar Donny -- $997 Value
  • My 4 Gap n’ Grab Techniques -- $147 Value
  • Masters In Technical Analysis -- $225 Value
  • Elite Earnings Academy -- $397 Value
  • Unusual Options Trading Academy -- $297 Value
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Month Of Options Portfolio Master’s Club: $147 Value
  • BONUS #2: 1 FREE Month Of Wall Street Wiretapper (then $147 for as long as you continue your membership – cancel any time): $147 Value


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Futures Bundle

  • My 4 Gap n’ Grab Techniques -- $147 Value
  • Masters In Technical Analysis -- $225 Value
  • Futures Academy -- $297 Value
  • Metals Mastery -- $197 Value
  • Oil Money -- $197 Value
  • Fed Dominator -- $197 Value
  • Bond Bootcamp -- $997 Value
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Month Of Futures Portfolio Master’s Club (then $147 for as long as you continue your membership – cancel any time): $147 Value


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Tech Bundle

  • Bond Bootcamp -- $997 Value
  • Full Edge Series Trading Suite for ToS (Bond Edge, Energy Edge, Equity Edge, Metals Edge) -- $4,488 Value
  • Complete VIX Trading System (includes VIX tool) -- $1,497 Value
  • High Value Target - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $278 Value
  • Profit on Perimeter - Custom Think or Swim Indicator - $197 Value
  • BONUS #1: 1 FREE Month Of Options + Futures Portfolio Master’s Club: $294 Value
  • BONUS #2: 1 FREE Month Of Wall Street Wiretapper (then $147 for as long as you continue your membership – cancel any time): $147 Value


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